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Just...Is?: A Multimedia Exploration of Moral and Social Issues From a New Generation

"Our View From Mohawk Tower", photo by Allie R.

Just...Is? is a creation of students in Dr. Glenn Braddock's Pre-Health and Pre-Business sections of Project Renaissance at the University at Albany, SUNY. Project Renaissance is an interdisciplinary program for first-year students.

Follow the links in the navigation panel to the left to find essays, short stories, songs, drawings, slide shows, and other short contributions dealing with moral and social issues that are important to us.


Disclaimer: The contributions to this project represent the opinions of the individual students on the issues they have selected. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University at Albany, the course instructor, or anyone else other than the creators of each contribution. Every effort has been made to ensure that no offensive material appears on these pages, although you will find honest viewpoints on very controversial issues.