For my contribution I decided to depict the issue of Immigration in the United States, through an audiovisual clip. Immigration is a concern that is often overlooked, especially today with the current financial crisis that plagues the country. However, immigration legislation is a problem which affects everyone in this country. This nation cannot forget its roots. Much of its greatness and success is due to the cultural diversity, and freedoms that are found here.

To achieve my objective I opted for an array of photographs and drawings that depict the history as well as the current situation of immigrants in the U.S. To accompany the images I recorded a narrative of the events depicted and established a nexus between historical events and immigration. The first half of the short slide show lays out the different decisions that have been made by the government towards immigrants, as well as the unpredicted by-products of the constant flow of new settlers into this nation. The second part of the project deals directly with the recent situation of undocumented high school graduates. These are students who cannot attend an institution of higher learning because they are not allowed; they do not have the financial capability to pay college tuition and are denied most scholarships since they do not count with legal residency or citizenship.