Wyatt K


Another baby born in a shanty town
From the moment he is born you know he is going down.
No shoes on his feet, no food on his plate
He learns to steal, he learns to hate.

His mother’s a junkie, his father has no name
He turns so bad but who’s to blame.
He learns to read by the third grade
He carries a knife to ensure he’s paid.

He deals the drugs and does as he’s told
or the pusher man will knock him cold.
He turns 16 and buys a gun
He robs 7-11’s just for fun.

One cold rainy night his luck runs out
A man is killed, he’s jailed no doubt.
He’s still a minor, he’s back on the street
His prison friends say again we’ll meet.

Another year goes by and he’s back in the slammer
This time he hurt some guy with a hammer.
He does some time then befriends a gang
One more crime and he will surely hang.

He does the laundry, he meets the preacher
“Boy turn your life around, I’ll be your teacher”.
He studied hard and learned his lessons well
It was kicking drugs that put him through hell.

He did his time, he was glad to be alive
He received his release at age 25.
He has no money, he has no place to go
He looks for work and will be an ordinary shmo.

It’s a daily grind, he’s making a fresh start
He’s making strides with God in his heart.
He’s taking lunch, he’s in the alley out back
His old gang’s out there and on the attack.

The sirens sound, the gangs on the run
A man is down and he’s left holding the gun.
He tells the cops he’s innocent this time
He was having lunch, he committed no crime.

The cops put him in cuffs and bring him to the station
He’s back in jail despite his revelation.
He can’t afford a lawyer, one is assigned to him
He’ll certainly lose his case, though he committed no sin.

They call him a three-time loser and will be put to death
Before the age of 30 he will have his last breath.
He’s sitting on death row and reviewing his life
He never was loved, had no family no wife.

He did his best to become a good man
The system failed him and he will spend his last days in the can.
He’s having his last meal, he awaits the chair
He didn’t do it but there’s no one to care.

A man died today for a crime he didn’t do
Do we have the right to decide, what if it were you?
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
A man has died for the problems of his youth.

Is society to blame are our children doomed to fail?
The ghetto young all end up in jail.
What makes us god do we have the right to choose
Who lives, who dies, who makes the front page news?


Capital punishment is a vital moral issue in American society today. It has brought along many debates on whether it is right to terminate a life because of a person’s wrongdoing, no matter how severe. The capital punishment law is still not equivalent around the world because death as a punishment for a crime is a very strict and harsh regulation that some people do not agree with. Some people believe that capital punishment violates the eighteenth amendment of the constitution, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Such acts such as high volts of electricity through the body or lethal injection may be considered unjust and immoral. My poem demonstrates that no one should have the right to determine a person’s fate and if we kill human beings, we are then guilty ourselves. We are living in a system that sets up people to fail and delivers punishments that are monstrous and brutal.

The poem I wrote is about a man who had a rough childhood. He had no family and no one to guide him. He started a life of crime to support himself and was put in jail for his wrongdoings. In jail he realizes he needs to make changes in his life to become a respectable and responsible man. When he is released, he gets a job and times are tough but he would do whatever it takes to stay on his feet. His youth then catches up with him and the gang that he was once a part of is the reason he will be put to death. As a boy he would have just ran away from that man dying on the floor but the experiences he went through in prison taught him how to do what is right. Everyone saw him for the criminal he used to be and not as the man he was before being put to death.

Since capital punishment does exist in todays society there are many disputes and controversies over whether or not it’s helping or hurting our American citizens. The three states with the largest death row populations are Texas, California, and Florida. There are five authorized ways that can be used to perform this punishment. They are lethal injection, firing squad, electrocution, hanging, and lethal gas. On average a criminal will be on death row for about ten years before receiving the execution. For someone who committed murder, there are better ways to teach them a lesson besides killing them and I don’t believe that any of these five methods of capital punishment show any justice in America. They are ruthless and heartless. (
http://www.tdcj.state.tx.us/stat/drowfacts.htm, 2007)

Many people have different views on capital punishment due to their location and the culture they follow. I believe capital punishment should not exist anywhere in the country or around the world and think it’s wrong for each state to determine whether or not they will be able to have the punishment of death as the result of someone's action. I think it is very malicious and inhumane and goes against every right we have as citizens. I am aware that if you commit a crime such as murder some of your rights should be taken from you, but the ability to remain alive and breathing should never be one of those rights in question.