Child Abuse
Christin G.

Welcome to 206 Pleasant Lane
For you this may just be
A quiet street
A run down town
But for the eyes who do not see
What lies within is not so sweet
All the abuse
All my misuse
Hidden so my cries are no use
Locked away behind the door
Soon I will be no more
Locked away
So I will stay
Forgotten here in all my dismay
Welcome to my final day


In a perfect world,
I would not cry wishing for my day to die.
Daddy would not yell creating all this hell.
Mommy wouldn’t look away, maybe she’d actually stay.
In a perfect world,
I wouldn’t have to hide all these bruises; I’m running out of these excuses.
Classmates wouldn’t have to ask why I had such a black eye.
My Teacher wouldn’t stare ‘cause my pain wouldn’t be there.
In a perfect world,
I could play for the whole entire day; for once I wouldn’t have to pay.
I would be normal like you; my skin would finally not be blue.
I would finally not have to fear when my father ever appeared.
In a perfect world,
I would finally feel the hand of love instead of a cold shove
I would finally feel the hand of love as if it from the God above
I would finally feel the hand of love…


Dear God,
They say…
You already know my name.
They say You know everything about me.
From the color of my eyes to the day that I will die
That You know every tear that I have ever cried

It is said that You already know my pain.
They say You are the one who’ll take my shame.
From the hand print on my face to the scars I can’t erase
That You are the one who will plead my case

I say…
But dear God I am tired of listening to all that they say
Come into my heart, no longer will You be just a display
I want to hear Your voice every time I pray
I want to know what You have to say
And as I lay here in all my dismay
I start to hear Your voice begin to play

You say…
Not a day was I not with you for I will always see you through
Through the fists and the rage I will turn to a new page
I will clean off a new stage and surely embrace
Wrap you all in My grace, your pain I will replace

So close your eyes everything will be fine
You are a design that is truly divine cradled in the hand of Mine
But fear not for I have given you the strength for you to leave this place
I have taken your pain and left no trace
You are free for I have won this case.


I decided to do my moral issue on child abuse because it is a very treacherous act that millions of kids have to go through everyday. For me child abuse is an issue that I have personally encountered and seen my whole life. My mother and father were foster parents. For me I started off as a foster child then to be adopted by my foster parents. It was my parents, Bruce and Diane G’s mission in life to save children from abuse and the horrible environments many of the foster children were coming from. My mother especially wanted to take in siblings so that they wouldn’t be separated and scattered everywhere. It started off with a phone call informing my mom of two sisters Karyn and Asia who needed a home where they could be kept together. Well to make along story short the phone calls kept on coming. Every sibling ever born of mine was placed in my mother’s home. My Father even took in his three abused great nephews. And being such loving foster parents they couldn’t give us up and ended up adopting every single one of us. With a huge family of ten kids my mother is planning on opening up her door to more foster children since all of us our now over the age of 15 and can help out with younger children.

In the last year we had a young woman name Cordelia stay in our home with her son three month old Ralieek since she had no place to live. I fell in love with this baby. He was so sweet and innocent but his mother was not so. She would get angry at him for crying and rip him around carelessly. Many times we had to intervene and take the child from her. She doesn’t live with us any more and all I can do is think about the horrible life that that baby is going to have to face. We also take in these two kids periodically, a foue year old named Kaeden and his little sister named Maggie. These children are also abused and the mother has been turned into Social Services many times. However for some reason she keeps on getting them back. It isn’t easy letting them go. Sometimes I just want to never take in another child because most of the time the child is put right back in to the situation that they came out of. All the time you spent nurturing them and caring for them is futile. I am older now and I have seen such abuse a lot but I still find myself crying as we drive away wishing there was something I could do.

So in my poetry I put myself in the child’s shoes and tried to write it in a way that people who have never seen or encountered child abuse would understand. Poem number one is an example of how so much pain and suffering goes unnoticed. That everything looks normal on the outside but really there is abuse going on. Instances like this are frequent. For Cordelia she seemed like such a good mother in public but when I was able to live with her I saw how bad a mother she was.

Poem number two I wrote through the eyes of the child about what a perfect world without abuse and pain would be like. This was an instance where abuse is going on and people know of it however nothing is said and the child just lives on with it, just like Kaeden and Maggie; they have been placed in foster home after foster home but keep on returning back to the mother. In a perfect world these children wouldn’t be moved back and forth, would be able to find a loving home, with loving parents, and wouldn’t have to fear the chance of going back to Mommy’s house.

My third poem was through the eyes of an older girl/boy who has been going through abuse his/her whole life. This could be a case where a teenager had been exploited their whole life and now that they’re older have the ability to do something on their own. Younger children really don’t have the ability to save themselves but need the help of someone older to intervene. But as you get older you realize that what you are going through isn’t right and finally have the voice to get yourself out. So this is a cry to God asking him for help, since all her life she has heard that God can save her and she is sick of just hearing and wants to experience God’s grace on her own. And then God gives her strength so that she can leave her past behind.