The Thought Process Behind, Xenotransplantation

Pig’s POV:
I remember I was there in the pen
With my family and friends
And Mr. Man came in talking
He mentioned a word
I might have heard
I’m pretty sure he pronounced, “Transplant.”
So Momma, pappa, Gigi, and I
Began to wonder about this new sensation
Due to this brand new word that we just heard.
I know we are the healthy four,
And that sooner or later
We’ll be out the door.
If this word is the key to our freedom
I’d do anything to be out of this place with no hesitation.
The sun goes down, and sun rises, day 2
Mr. Man came in and said “I have a surprise for you
It’s weird because there’s another man there with sleeves
Mr. Man turned to him and said,
“It’s only one more day until it’s their time to leave.
We’ll take them to the room and get them all buttered up
Then before they know it their hearts will stop
Oink,” wait is this the true meaning of transplantation?
I wish I ate all that mud like an obese person binging bacon
That night he blew us a kiss before we slept
My heart was beating so fast it
I thought it would pop out my chest
That night was one of the hardest of my life
Wondering if momma, papa, Gigi, and I
Would be together for the last time
I’m in a predicament where it’s hard to breathe
Papa is trying to comfort mama
While Gigi is trying to comfort me
I love my older sister and my parents to death
The friends I eat mud with, play with and all the rest
Death, a word I don’t want to hear.
Why must my family and I endure such great fear?
Why am I not allowed to live my life?
Hopefully a miracle will come early morning
Hours have past
I haven’t caught a wink of sleep
I think I hear a sound in the distance, Mr. man trying to creep
We are entitled the right to life
It shouldn’t be taken away
What has my family done to deserve this?
Oink” my mother is crying, Gigi is loosing it
Father is trying to comfort me
Is that a figure coming closer to the pen I see?
You’ll be of good use to someone,” Mr. man said
Reaching into the pen, while slowly aiming for my head


Patient’s POV:
I’m sick, crying, lying down, and possibly dying in my hospital bed
Doctor said the only available procedure is nothing I would expect
He said it’s either my life or a pig’s head
I had to ask more questions because I don’t quite understand
A pig’s heart, my savior, my beating hand
I’m confused I thought only humans lend another helping hand
Is this right, moral, allowed to happen?
Wouldn’t this procedure cause complications?
A pig isn’t even human.
So how could this even be an option?
I think this is ridiculous, horrendous
No, I refuse I’m disgusted against this.
But, I don’t want to leave the ones I love
I don’t want to be the one shinning down on them from above.
The doctor said that there are no available human hearts
And that I would to give him an answer he departs
He spoke to my parents and they decided
Than having a pig’s heart would be better their child
But, I mean like “ew” a pig is nasty, ugly, and eats mud
There is no way it doesn’t have bacteria that would reside inside of me like a soap sud
I’m confident that the doctors wouldn’t put an infected organ
Inside of me
That would get me sick, ruin my life, and possibly kill me
Doctors’ passion in life is to cure the sick
I’m going to let go of my fears and stop acting like a dick
Doc, “I’m ready.”

The two poems that I have written coincide with each other, and they address the situation of xenotransplantation that is a new scientific breakthrough that is saving thousands of lives. Everyday at least 10 people die from the lack of organs available for a transplant. Animal transplants scientifically known, as xenotransplantation is surgical procedure that takes the organs from an animal species and places it into a human. This procedure has been known to save lives, and is an alternative instead of people dying due to the lack of organs. Although this procedure has it positives, it also has a few setbacks and ethical issues surrounding it. The biggest problem that’s associated with xenotransplantation is rejection. The human’s immune system is designed to fight off any foreign entities that are present in the human body. There are some cases where the transplanted organ was detected, and the body fought it off therefore leaving the person in a situation where it’s like the organ wasn’t even there, ending fatally. Another problem with xenotransplantation is the transplanting of virus from the animal to the human. Pig viruses that are placed inside ones body could possibly kill the person if not initially detected by the immune system. Although this has been prevented numerous times with the new scientific development, there have still been instances where this fatal inconvenience occurs.

An ethical issue related to xenotransplantation is the use of non-primate species for this procedure if the pigs are not available. The issues mentioned in these poems that I have written focus on the thought process involved on both sides of the table. I thought it would’ve been very creative to not only write the poem from the human’s point of view, but also the pig who was getting ready to be killed and used for the procedure. I felt that the purpose of the poem from the pig’s point of view was to understand that animals too have their own lives, hearts, and consciousness just as humans do, and that murder is still taking place. From the patients point of view she realized how sick she really was and that her last resort would be the xenotransplantation procedure. Although the transplant was not a human organ there was still a possibility that this procedure could save her life, and as the poem progressed she came to this realization despite her mixed emotions. These two poems although were hypothetical I think gave a feel to the situation. I personally think that another ethical issue that isn’t always addressed is that murder is still taking place. It’s a life for a life. The human race is essentially being saved because we are smart enough to discover these advancements but how long will this cycle continue and how about the lower animal species. That is a concept that I wanted to capture in the first poem.