There are many different moral views on each side of the gay marriage issue. Those against it think it is morally wrong and those for it don’t understand why people have such problems with having the same feelings that heterosexuals have and are allowed to express. In America, we should all be free to express every and all of our own opinions and lifestyle choices, even if that means you want to share your life with someone that is the same sex as you.

In doing this project, I wanted to show that people should be able to be married no matter what their sexual preference is. American people believe that the ultimate way to show your love for someone is to get married. This social norm shouldn’t be prohibited to anyone based on their sexual preference. Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children and live together as if they were married. If they are allowed to do these things, wouldn’t it just be simpler to allow them to be married? A homosexual couple that shares their lives together do not get the same benefits as those who are married. The spouse is able to make major decisions but if the couple weren’t married the boyfriend/ girlfriend's opinion wouldn’t matter, it would go directly to a family member. For example, the spouse may be in a vegetative state and the partner knows that his/ her spouse would not want to live that way, but the family just wants to keep him/ her on life support because they just can’t kill their son/ daughter.

The few states that allow same-sex marriage are setting an example for the rest. They are acknowledging that everyone is “created equal” and accepting everyone for who they truly are. Just because people have a different sexual preference doesn’t mean that they do simple tasks differently or try to influence more people “to be gay”. Gay people are allowed to travel and hold top ranking jobs and have a family. However, they are not allowed one of the most cherished ways of showing one’s affection.

When making this slide show, I wanted to prove that gay and lesbian couples are very similar to heterosexual couples. They live life in the same ways as any other human does. They are raised under the same circumstances and different opportunities as all people are. They are completely capable of raising a family with the same family values that everyone else is raised with. If we call ourselves a “free country” shouldn’t we all be allowed to express all of our own views and ways of living, even if they are not accepted by everyone. The whole point of being an individual is to express your own viewpoints and live the way you are completely comfortable. If the simple act of expressing or proving your love for someone else is not allowed, then why should we call ourselves “free”?

There are very few U.S. states where gay marriage is legal. However, couples who are married in those states, do not have their marriage recognized in any other state. Slowly states are recognizing same sex marriages from other states, but the movement is very slow. In California, same-sex marriage was declared legal in May 2008 and that Proposition 22 was unconstitutional. Then by November the opposing side was back with Proposition 8, a voter initiative that limits marriage to a man and a woman. This proposition is now being challenged by voters (Chicago Tribune, March 2009).

As time goes on I hope that our society will be more accepting to same-sex marriage. Our society had to become accustomed to inter-racial marriage at one time. Now it’s a different dilemma but in some ways the two are very similar. Everyone won’t be happy with every decision made, but one can hope that someday we will all be truly equal. After all “life’s not fair.”

"What’s the legal status of gay marriage efforts?" Chicago Tribune 18 Mar. 2009.

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